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David Meerman Scott gived Egyptians the rules of digital marketing and asked them a question..

david meerman scott in Egypt
david meerman scott in Egypt

On 15 jan 2013 i was lucky to meet David Meerman Scott in Fairmont heliopolis in a one day seminar in Cairo.David Meerman Scott is a professional digital marketing , marketing, leadership, and social media speaker and the author of 8 books including 3 international bestsellers.

David Meerman Scott visited the Pyramids and Tahrir square and filmed a short video ..

at the end of the vedio David Meerman Scott  gived his opinion about safe in Egypt  and give invitation to the world to come to egypt .

The question of David Meerman Scott for Egyptians was :

-Social media drove the Egyptian revolution but can it bring back the tourists ??

and finally said :Let’s hope social media can help bring the tourists back to Egypt.

Thanks for David Meerman Scott by visiting Egypt and inviting all world to come to visit Egypt in this time.


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