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fayoum | duck hunting in fayoum,lake karoun,Egypt

duck hunting in Fayoum,Egypt
duck hunting in Fayoum,Egypt

Lake Karun, a nature reserve and was one of the most important areas of duck hunting ,in winter it can be quite rough and teeming with ducks and geese that bring the hunters to the lakeside hotels.Fayoum has been traditional hunting ground since pharaonic times when Crocodilopolis, centre of the cult of Sobek, was the capital of the region. ,lake of Birket Qarun. It is this huge lake, which on a rough day looks very much like the sea that gives the special character to the Fayoum. The lake used to be major place for duck hunting and the hotels on its southern shore hosted such luminaries as Winston Churchill and King Farouk as they took pot shots at flying birds. Though there is still some duck shooting there is far more bird watching both on this lake and the nearby Wadi Rayyan another artificially created expanse of water.


guck hunting in fayoum,egypt

guck hunting in fayoum,egypt

guck hunting in fayoum,egypt
Qaroun means “Lake of the Horn” and it is possible to negotiate a price to get a row boat to the Golden Horn Island or to the north shore.

Hunting Seasons:
Waterfowl (Duck &Geese) Hunting season
Opening At
November & December & January & February &march
Quail Hunting Season
Opening At
Dove Hunting
Opening Through Out The Year

Hunting arms
The Newest Editions of Benelli , Beretta and Browning
always we use Italy Cartridges
R.C , B&P , mirage
number 4 ,5 ,6 , 7 ,7 1/2 , 8 , 9 , 9 1/2
24Gr , 28Gr , 32Gr , 33Gr , 34Gr , 35Gr , 36Gr
in Addition to Arms & Cartridges
Maayouf Hunting Trip provide with
waterfowl gears
Boats , Decoys , Waders ,Duck calls

many Clients from All over the World most of them from Italy , UK , Malta , Cyprus , Greece,USA and the Arab countries like Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Bahrin,Jordan,Lebanon

Duck & Dove Hunting trip
Duration ; 4 Nights / 5 Days
Duck Hunting in Egypt
The Hunting License Procedures needs to be arranged before arriving Egypt by 30 Days, and its procedures and the information needed will be as follows :

Client name.
Passport number.
Date and place of birth.
Weapon License number.
Kind of the Weapon.
Weapon Mark.
Weapon Serial number.
Number of Khartouche that the Client will enter with toEgypt.
Copy from Hunting License if the Client have one.

Fayoum is frequented by 70 species of migratory birds, one of which, the sooty falcon (Falco Concolor), comes only to nest and others come to rest before flying farther south. Other species include ducks (Anas and Aythya gen), and stork (Cironia ciconio).

Fayoum is famous for its pigeon lofts, built by locals to attract and house wild pigeons. They are scattered throughout the countryside and add a charming element to the landscape. The pigeons are used as a good source of meat.
we are pleased to tell all Hunting enthusiast around the world
that Duck Hunting season will open soon in Egypt
at 1 November 2012 end in 15 march.
we started Accepting reservations for Duck season .
-If the hunter didn’t bring his arms and equipment ,we provide you with all Hunting Equipment During your trip in Egypt
Hunting Arms
Benelli Auto
the Newest Editions
always italy like
R.c , B&P , Mirage etc…..
other Gears
Boats , Decoys , Waders , Duck Calls
in Addition to
professional Hunting Guides

duck hunting in Fayoum,Egypt

duck hunting in Fayoum,Egypt


duck hunting in Fayoum,Egypt



for More Details
Contact us
e-mail; karenananas@gmail.com
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