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snorkling in sharm el sheikh


if you choose snorkling in your trip to do that mean that you choose the right trip to do in sharm el sheikh.because Sharm is the closest top notch diving spot to England that’s hot all year round, he explains. Unlike most world-class dive sites, you can fly here in 5 hours, and be home in the same amount of time if you need to be there for your family and friends; it’s a no-brainer for a dedicated diver. Simples.

Sharm is synonymous with incredible under-sea activities, with 260 species of marine life including dolphins, turtles and every colour of fish and coral you could imagine. Divers and snorkellers head to Ras Mohammed national park as well as the famous nearby wrecks in the Red Sea.thanks to the crystal clear water, magnificent corals, exotic underwater flora and rare tropical fish.

dolphins in sharm el sheikh

 Ras Mohammed, about 20km south of Sharm El-Sheikh, is a must-see national park of South Sinai, located on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. It has famous dive sites in the Red Sea, with 800-meter deep reef walls and coral gardens. The quantity and variety of sea life are exceptional and put this diving spot among the best around the world.

Snorkeling in Sharm el Sheikh can be the highlight of a vacation, but there are a number of things to consider before hitting the water. Visitors planning to snorkel only once or twice may want to consider saving space in their suitcases by hiring equipment such as masks and snorkels from hotels in the area. Rental equipment of excellent quality can be found for very cheap, but tourists might want to consider that this equipment is on hire to everyone and may not fit every person perfectly.



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